Our trip to Cambodia

Happy Summer! School is out, Summer is in! My family and I started our vacation in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

At the airport, the lines were long. Also, surprisingly, they mostly took USD when you paid for things. Even the banks gave USD! Our hotel had a nice pool, and our room was big, with two bathrooms, and 3 beds. A separate room with two desks, a shelf, the fridge/freezer, and a dining table were included too! We all enjoyed our first night in the hotel.

The second day, we went to visit the temples. We went to see Angkor Tom, Bayon, and lots more.  

Angkor Wat Nose to Nose picture

We even saw a temple that was broken apart and held together by tree roots! By the time we were finished with the first two, we were all templed out. The last temple we saw was the great ANGKOR WAT! We learned it was dedicated to VISHNU, a god of Hinduism. When we all got home, we were amazed, but all tired.

On the third day, we went zip-lining, it was really fun! We went to various heights, and some very high points! There were two courses, one with 8 trees, and one with 15 trees. We did the 15 tree course, and it was definitely worth the spend! We all loved it!

The fourth day was a hangout day, except for the evening. We went to a Cambodian Circus called Phare. I loved it! We got to sit in the front rows, in section A! It was a total amazement!

On the last day, we went to the wet market, early in the morning, to eat breakfast. A tour guide showed us around the wet market. My brother and I found it gross. He also showed us how to make rice noodles, mango paper, and much more! Then it was back to Singapore!

We definitely spent our time well, doing stuff we recommend! We hope your start to Summer was as spectacular as ours was!




End of 3rd Grade!

Sorry, again, for not posting this earlier! I’ve had so much to finish, as it is almost the last week of school.

Anyway, me and my friend, Gabby, made a youtube channel called  Artterrific Singerlicious, where we post music videos, and different arts too! For example, dancing, drawing, painting, and more! Please go check it out!

Also, we went on a yacht, for my friend, Zoie’s birthday, it was lots of fun! We swam to the beach and back. I ❤️  it!

To add, we had an amazing time watching the baseball tournament. We had to sign up to root for one of the other teams. That meant we had to root for two teams, ISKL, and my school, SAS.

We’ve had lots of events in school too, such as The International Fair. In my class, we’ve had the Science Fair, Writer’s Café, the TEDxJunior@SAS, the STORYLINE ONLINE@SAS, and our Playday.


In the TEDxJunior@SAS, we shared our opinion pieces with our parents. My opinion piece was about how people should stop cutting down trees.

In the STORYLINE ONLINE@SAS, we shared our realistic fiction pieces. I worked with my friend, Claire, to plan it, but we wrote separate pieces.IMG_9790

In our Playday, we went to the field and played all morning. There was a class tug of war challenge, and we won! Then we beat the boys, 6 times, and the whole 3rd grade beat all the 3rd grade teachers!

Lastly, the most recent one……..In the Writer’s Café, we shared our learning in writing through-out the whole year.

As you can see, we’ve had an amazing year. I can’t believe it’s almost ending! I hope next year is this amazing!

My School’s International Fair!

Hi, sorry for not blogging lately! I’ve been so busy, I’ll do a catch-up post later.  Anyway…….

One of the most exciting things that has happened in the last months was my school’s international fair! You might be thinking, “How is that exciting?” Well, I got to sell my Smiling Designs t-shirts there!

Our SmilingDesigns table!

Also, for the fair, we printed a new season of t-shirts, with new designs and our bestseller-My Dreams Can Fly, all of which you can buy at etsy.com via. SmilingDesigns4Kids.  My favorite shirt out of the second season has to be the GIRLS! tee, because it shows that girls are strong (possibly stronger than boys)!

Girls! Tee from Smiling Designs

The bestseller for the second round was also the GIRLS! tee! I loved the international fair, it was a great experience, and I learned a lot!

Day 2! (in Kuala Lumpur)

On day two, we went to the Bird Park. They birds were flying freely. Most of the birds were white or green. We had a lot of fun!


These are the birds from the picture above:

Fowls & Pheasants

  1. Great Argus Pheasant
  2. Helmeted Guinea Fowl
  3. Red Junglefowl
  4. Indian Blue Peafowl

Small Water Birds

  1. White-breasted Waterhen
  2. Common Moorhen
  3. Watercocks


scarlet ibis bird
scarlet ibis bird


These are the birds from the picture above:


  1. Asian Glossy Starling
  2. Common Myna
  3. Baya Weaver
  4. Black-headed Munia
  5. Black-naped Oriole
  6. White-headed Munia



These are the birds from the picture above:

Doves & Pigeons

  1. Emerald Dove
  2. Pied Imperial Pigeons
  3. Nicobar Pigeon
  4. Pink-necked Green-Pigeon
  5. Western & Victorian Crowned-pigeon
  6. Spotted Dove
  7. Green Imperial-Pigeon
  8. Zebra Dove


These are the birds from the picture above:

Freshwater Birds

  1. Sacred Ibis
  2. Scarlet Ibis
  3. Hadada Ibis
  4. Chinese Pond-heron
  5. Striated Heron
  6. Yellow-billed Stork
  7. Black-crowned Night Heron
  8. Purple Heron











Later, we went through a water fall.


Then, (to exit) we went into a little building, it was educational.


When we reached the end, we got slushy like thing (it was fresh squeezed) because, it was hot.

Avik- orange and appel slushy
Avik- orange and appel slushy
Me-watermelon slushy.
Me-watermelon slushy.

After the bird park, we went to the Butterfly Park. The butterflies were beautiful!

I loved day two. I can’t believe that tomorrow is our last day in Kuala Lumpur! Then we are going to Seoul. See you in Seoul!






Our City Tour of Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It was an hour flight from Singapore. Today (our first full day), we went on a tour of the city.


The guide was also the driver. The first stop on our tour was the Muzium Negara. It was about the history of Malaysia.


This boat sunk in the ocean with lots of Malaysian treasures that have never been found again.


This is an old rickshaw.


Here are some kids in school. Kids in Malaysia start school at the age of seven.


Here are some traditional clothes.


Our driver said that Malaysia is made up of 10% Indians, 30% Chinese and mostly Malay people.



Malaysia was first owned by the Dutch. Then it was owned by the British. Then it became independent.

Our second stop was the King’s Palace! We couldn’t go inside but we saw some guards.


This king used to be the youngest king. Then other kings took their turns. Now he is the king again and is the oldest king.


When the yellow flag is up, that means the king is still in the palace.



Our third stop was the National Monument.



Our fourth stop was a pewter factory. It was very interesting. We went through the factory. I loved it!

Our last stop was at the best place to take photos of the Petronas Twin Towers.


Today was super fun! I wonder what we are doing tomorrow?