landing and renting

I am landing now. I’m on a bus so I can pick-up my luggage. We have three bags. I have the pink bag. Avik has a blue bag and my mom has the black bag.

I’m on a bus again to rent a car. My car is red. Bye bye!




One thought on “landing and renting”

  1. Hi Manika,
    Hope you like Los Angeles. It is a huge city, as you can tell because it takes a long time in the car to get anywhere in the city. Hope you like all the freeways that people use to get from one place to another. Los Angeles is in the state of California – did you know that California would be the 9th biggest economy in the world if it was a country? And half of all fruits and vegetables eaten in the whole United States comes from California. Wow! Pretty important state!

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