the discovery center in State College

Yesterday we went to the Discovery Center. It was really fun.

I got to find dinosaur bones. There were two big ones

photo 1

We got to make a bridge out of metal washers and magnets.

photo 3

We got to make a video. I made a video with fish.

After the Discovery Center, we got lunch. We went to the toy store and Barnes & Nobles. We got a pretty hard game but my mom could do it.  We also got a nano fish that can actually swim in water. It stops swimming after five minutes or if you take it out of the water. We got lots of books. My brother got the book “Little Blue Truck.” We read it three times yesterday, two in the car and one when we were going to bed. I got lots of science books for us because I love science and learning about new things.

When we got home, we played outside on our new water hopscoth and in our dolphin swimming pool. The nano fish liked to swim in there.  We had a popsicle and then we went to the lake.

It was a great great great great great great great great great day!

3 thoughts on “the discovery center in State College”

  1. Manika: So wonderful to hear about your travels. I can see you and Avik are having so much fun. Anya misses her cousins and remembers you all the time. Give our love to your Mom, Dad and Nani. Amar, Shelly and Anya.

  2. Wow. Does sound like a great, great, great, great, great, great, great day. Also really nice to hear about Avik in your blogs. Happy 4th of July. Love, Daddy

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