Canoeing on the lake

Yesterday we went canoeing.  My Unck almost hurt Avik’s neck because he lifted him up by the lifejacket. But Avik was clearly having fun.

photo 1

My grandma “Naani” paddled the canoe. The sunset was pretty because it made the water look golden. We saw water lillies. We also spotted birds with binoculars but my brother Avik could not get the hang of the binoculars.

photo 3

Then at the end we were silent. When we got off, we told my grandma what we heard. I heard birds, the traffic, and my grandma pushing the water with the paddle.

6 thoughts on “Canoeing on the lake”

  1. Lake sounds and looks awesome! I like water lillies too. When I was your age growing up in India, I always wondered how water lillies can produce such hardy leaves and beautiful flowers out on the water like that. I was thinking that when you are in Paris, you should check out water lilly paintings by Claude Monet, on display at the Musee D’orsay. They are beautiful and people from everywhere in the world love to look at his paintings.
    By the way, Unck holding Avik like that does not look very safe, does it?


  2. I was there and Avik was fine. I made them go silent for last almost 7 minutes and the idea was to hear the sounds of nature be one with it! They were good.

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