My Week in Virginia

This week, we went to Virginia to visit my grandmother. The drive from Pennsylvania was four hours. On the first day, we went to Whole Foods and ate sushi outside. The sushi was yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy.

The next day, we went to Burke Lake Park to play. I met another little girl who was five and also from China. Her name was Chung Ling. We spoke in Chinese to each other. I also rode a train around the park and a horse on a carousel. I played miniature golf with Avik and Daddy. Daddy won.

photo 4

On the other days, we went swimming. I can swim underwater really fast and long now. We  went to another park and a movie theater. I saw a 3D movie about Planes. I spent time with my family – Aunt Chand, Grandma, and my Uncle Sudeb’s new wife’s mom. I read books, ate ice cream (my new favorite flavor is cookies and cream) and made mosaics.

photo 2

The best though, was the visit on Friday to the Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. I went into a room full of butterflies and took pictures. My brother Avik was scared.

photo 1

I had a great week. Now I’m back at my mom’s mom’s house until next week, when I go to London!




4 thoughts on “My Week in Virginia”

  1. Wow. Busy week in Virginia! My favorite parts in the week were playing tag in grandma’s backyard with you, Avik, Aunt Chand (you made some hard rules); going swimming; and playing in that park with 100’s of rides. Seeing Avik wet his whole shirt trying to drink from the water fountain at the mall was also very funny, wasn’t it? By the way, where on the map are all these places you went to in America? I wonder if they are far from each other.

    Hope you enjoy your last few days in America.

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