From England to France

My last day in England was very exciting! I started the day at the At-Bristol Science Museum with Umika and Avik. We went to a planetarium. It was inside this big ball. My favorite part was when the guide showed us the big dipper and bear, and told us stories about the stars.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.42.29 PM

 Avik really liked the animation exhibit.


That night, we drove back to London and stayed with one of mommy’s friends. We watched a movie called Brother Bear, but it was too scary so we went to bed instead.

The next day, we dropped Naani off to take her airplane home, and we took a train to Paris. The train was called the Eurostar. It went underwater but we did not see the water.


This was the nearest playground to the place we stayed in Paris. We went there the first day.


This is the picture of the river next to the playground. It is called the River Seine. We walked along this each day.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about my adventures in Paris!

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