Day 4 – Disneyland Paris!

On day 4, we went to Disneyland Paris! The lines were long but we had a great time! Avik went on his first rollercoaster ride. I was thinking it would be a toddler one, but actually this one was for teenagers and adults. He did NOT like it. I did not like it either – too scary. We also did a rocketship ride. Avik was the driver, but he didn’t want to pull the lever to go up because he’s afraid of heights. At lunch time, we sat next to a group of brothers who were fighting. One peed on the other one and almost hit me!!! That was crazy! Afterwards, we got cotton candy! At the end of the day, we watched a fun parade! I took pictures of every character except Tinkerbell. Avik and I liked Elsa and Anna from Frozen the best.









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