3 thoughts on “We’re in Bali! Merry Christmas!”

  1. WOW! what a wonderful panoramic drive through Bali. I love your singing Munka! I am impressed that you knew the words to the song and the rhythm and the whole thing. Thanks for sharing he video.
    Love Naani

  2. Love the juxtaposition of Manika’s adorable and charming carols and the lush tropical setting. That could happen in our car, except that, 1) Izzy would never know all the words to a Christmas carol, and, 2) it wouldn’t matter, because she’d only last two lines before she snapped Tony’s head off for humming while she is trying to sing solo. 🙂 DAMMIT, Tony…
    Happy you’re settling into life in Bali. Miss you guys, hope to talk to you soon!

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