The best picture-in-a-book competition

set your imagination free

Hello I am having a competition because I want to learn about the books other people read and love.

You have to do 5 steps:

1. Pick a book

2. Pick a picture in the book

3. Draw a copy of the picture (not a camera picture or photocopy)

4. Add your own details to the picture

5. Email it to me

My email adress is manika (dot) dalai (at) gmail (dot) com

Please put your name and age in the message. Grown-ups and kids can all submit. 

The deadline is April 20th.

Thank you!

PS. The prize is a $10 gift certificate from Amazon!

Singapore Zoo

Today i went to S’pore zoo. S’pore is short for Singapore.

We saw lots of things.

We also went on a tram which is a van that shows you the animals and where they come from.

We saw a peacock.


We saw a statue of a cow with flowers painted on it.


We saw sea otters.


We saw elephants.


Avik was crazy as usual.


We saw pandas.


This is a picture of an orangutan hiding.


We saw giraffes eating leaves.


We saw zebras.


The flamingos were pretty and elegant.


I kind of liked the Paris Zoo better because it had more animals and was less hot. But this one was good too.


Today is Nyepi in Bali, the Balinese New Year. Two days ago, my school had an ogoh-ogoh parade. Ogoh-ogohs scare away your bad sins so that on Nyepi, you are safe from evil spirits. On Nyepi, you’re supposed to be silent, use no electricity and no gas for cooking. If your Banjar is so strict, you’re not allowed to do anything, not even work. You’re supposed to reflect. If your Banjar is not strict, then you’re allowed to do work, play, and sometimes watch tv. Banjars are the village councils in Bali. There are lots of little villages.

But Avik couldn’t keep silent. So for Nyepi, we all went to a hotel where we were allowed to make noise and turn on the lights. Avik was crazy running around and being noisy. I read a lot of Rainbow Fairy books. You can get them on Amazon.

Also, did you that know that this year is 1937 in the Balinese calendar?

Lotus and I holding the parade sign
Lotus and I holding the parade sign
Bali's Ogoh-Ogoh's
Bali’s Ogoh-Ogoh’s
Avik's Ogoh-Ogoh
Avik’s Ogoh-Ogoh
Manika's Ogoh-Ogoh's Happy Face
Manika’s Ogoh-Ogoh’s Happy Face
Manika's Ogoh-Ogoh's Mad Face
Manika’s Ogoh-Ogoh’s Mad Face
Bali's Ogoh-Ogoh's
Bali’s Ogoh-Ogoh’s

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

At Bali Tree Top Adventures
At Bali Tree Top Adventures

Yesterday, my brother and I went to Bali’s Treetop Adventure Park. We had fun in the treetops. This was my second time, and my brother’s first time. I loved the ziplining because it’s like a slide but in the air.

It was a long drive home. On the way back, we stopped and picked strawberries. We had them with pancakes this morning.