The Winners of My Art Contest!

Dear Readers and Artists, Thank you so much for submitting to my contest! Below are all of the entries.

I liked them all, but picked two winners! They are Amanda and Denise.

This is Amanda’s drawing


This is Denise’s drawing. Aren’t they both wonderful?


I also really liked Lotus’ drawing from Bedtime for Francis,


and Uncle Ravi’s drawing from his favorite cookbook was awesome.

Ravi and Lotus both get 2nd place!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 4.45.21 PM

Vasco, Mateo and Taj all share 3rd place. Thank you guys!




I hope you like their art work!

Check back for more contests soon!

2 thoughts on “The Winners of My Art Contest!”

  1. Thanks a lot Manika, I am really happy you liked my drawing. I hope you are fine in Bali and Singapore, maybe there is La Pistolera there too. Big hug and thanks again even from the boys…

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