Our City Tour of Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It was an hour flight from Singapore. Today (our first full day), we went on a tour of the city.


The guide was also the driver. The first stop on our tour was the Muzium Negara. It was about the history of Malaysia.


This boat sunk in the ocean with lots of Malaysian treasures that have never been found again.


This is an old rickshaw.


Here are some kids in school. Kids in Malaysia start school at the age of seven.


Here are some traditional clothes.


Our driver said that Malaysia is made up of 10% Indians, 30% Chinese and mostly Malay people.



Malaysia was first owned by the Dutch. Then it was owned by the British. Then it became independent.

Our second stop was the King’s Palace! We couldn’t go inside but we saw some guards.


This king used to be the youngest king. Then other kings took their turns. Now he is the king again and is the oldest king.


When the yellow flag is up, that means the king is still in the palace.



Our third stop was the National Monument.



Our fourth stop was a pewter factory. It was very interesting. We went through the factory. I loved it!

Our last stop was at the best place to take photos of the Petronas Twin Towers.


Today was super fun! I wonder what we are doing tomorrow?

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