End of 3rd Grade!

Sorry, again, for not posting this earlier! I’ve had so much to finish, as it is almost the last week of school.

Anyway, me and my friend, Gabby, made a youtube channel called  Artterrific Singerlicious, where we post music videos, and different arts too! For example, dancing, drawing, painting, and more! Please go check it out!

Also, we went on a yacht, for my friend, Zoie’s birthday, it was lots of fun! We swam to the beach and back. I ❤️  it!

To add, we had an amazing time watching the baseball tournament. We had to sign up to root for one of the other teams. That meant we had to root for two teams, ISKL, and my school, SAS.

We’ve had lots of events in school too, such as The International Fair. In my class, we’ve had the Science Fair, Writer’s Café, the TEDxJunior@SAS, the STORYLINE ONLINE@SAS, and our Playday.


In the TEDxJunior@SAS, we shared our opinion pieces with our parents. My opinion piece was about how people should stop cutting down trees.

In the STORYLINE ONLINE@SAS, we shared our realistic fiction pieces. I worked with my friend, Claire, to plan it, but we wrote separate pieces.IMG_9790

In our Playday, we went to the field and played all morning. There was a class tug of war challenge, and we won! Then we beat the boys, 6 times, and the whole 3rd grade beat all the 3rd grade teachers!

Lastly, the most recent one……..In the Writer’s Café, we shared our learning in writing through-out the whole year.

As you can see, we’ve had an amazing year. I can’t believe it’s almost ending! I hope next year is this amazing!

One thought on “End of 3rd Grade!”

  1. Congrats on finishing 3rd grade, Manika! Sounds like you accomplished a lot, and I’m impressed by your YouTube channel!

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