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All the fun things about my last week in America!

Today is my last day in America. It is a good day to write about the last things I did here.

1. I went to the weather station in Punxsutawney, PA. That’s where the groundhog who sees his shadow, Punxsutawney Phil, lives. The station was about weather. At the beginning, there was a tornado slide that went round and round. At the bottom was a house that you run inside. Me and my brother Avik got to be weather forecasters on tv.


2. I went geocaching at Parker Dam. Geocaching is finding treasure with a GPS instead of a map. If you pick something that another geocacher hid, you have to replace it with something else. This goes on and on. It even has a website for it. The website is called

3. The Family Bash at church was the last event of Vacation Bible School. I did a performance with three songs. My brother did two. The names of my three songs were “That’s What I’ll Do”, “Workshop of Wonders” and “Y-O-U.” My brother’s songs were “We are the Clay” and “God is Wonderful.” After that, we got our faces painted. We missed cotton candy so we had snow cones, but my grandma made us throw the snow cones away before we were finished. She thought they weren’t too good for us. We felt angry but we forgave her.

photo photo

Tomorrow, another adventure starts in London!

Day at Penn’s Caves

Yesterday we went to Penn’s Caves. It was really FUN!

Penn’s Caves had a huge animal wildlife park. We saw bison, white tailed deer, long horn cows, a vulture, a bobcat, and two bears – Oscar and Pearl. They were twins.


After the tour, we went to see the caves. The caves are more than 100 feet under ground, and were discovered by someone falling in a sink hole.

At first, I was afraid to go in the caves. Avik was afraid too. But then I saw how interesting they can be. We saw lots of rocks. I never knew there was so much iron on rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.54.45 PM

At the end, I got to eat half of a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream sandwich.

Puppet Show

Yesterday, Rachel, Lauren, Avik and I were all jumping on the trampoline. I told them my idea of having a puppet show.  They thought that was a good idea. Then they came over and we created a finger puppet show.  The puppets were a lion, a sheep, a blue bird,  a pig, two  ducks, a monkey and a green bird.  They all danced to a song. We had a lot of fun because all my friends were  there. 

photo 1

Random summer fun

This week, Avik and I did lots of different things.  My Uncle Ravi played with us on Monday and Tuesday. We took lots of pictures and made a moss garden.


On Wednesday, we went to the petting zoo and saw lots of animals. We saw donkeys, a gigantic rabbit, a peacock, a zebra, hound dogs, guinea pigs, two turtles, one big fake turtle (Naani thought it was real but we thought it was fake and we were right), and a wolf.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.24.38 AM

The next day, my mom took us to the library for science and story hour. At the library, I made green slime. Avik read a story about a zoo full of animals that went on strike.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.39.50 AM

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store Martins. They had a sign that had a corn boy and a farmer girl.We took a picture in it.


After the library, I took some time to read.


Avik wanted to play rocket balloons but he lost his air pumper.

photo 2

On the last day of the week, Naani cut Avik’s hair.


Then we went to the Penn State Art Festival. They had a huge water dunking machine, but we forgot our swimsuits. We couldn’t go under it. That was disappointing. We went through the mist tunnel instead.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.18.57 AM

It was not a good week. It was a great week. This week will be even better because Daddy is coming.

(Thank you Avik for helping me write this blog post.)