This School Year

It’s almost the end of the school year. I’m really sad because I will miss my 2nd grade teacher. This year I learned a lot in school such as history about Singapore.

One of the best parts about the year was Discovery Time in our class. We get to pick an inquiry and we learn stuff all the time. In my first discovery time project, I built a dollhouse with my friend. Second, I made slime with two other friends. Now I’m researching about snow owls.

picture by Bryant Olsen
picture by Bryant Olsen

Also this year, my brother and I launched a company called Smiling Designs. Right now we are just selling t-shirts but once we get bigger, we will move on to other stuff such as more t-shirts and bags. here is a link to Smiling Designs: Shot 2016-05-09 at 8.06.18 PM

This year was really fun! I wonder who will be my 3rd grade teacher and who will be in my class? I hope you had a fun school year too!

Awesome, Big Books!

Hi again,

I love to read and these are some books that I think you should read if you’re 8+…….

1. Olivia Bean Trivia Queen

this is a link to the book on

this is a link to the trailer

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.04.34 PM

I think this is a great book because it is about a girl who loves trivia and it teaches you about jeopardy. If you read it, I hope you like it!

2. 11 Birthdays

this is a link to the book on

this is a link to the trailer

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.20.02 PM

This book is very interesting and, will make you do some hard thinking. If you read this book, I hope you like it!

3. Girls Who Rocked the World

this is the link to the book on

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.27.06 PM

I like this book because there are some really interesting things, and it’s non-fiction so it helps you learn. If you read this book, I hope you like it!

4. Double Dog Dares

this is a link to the book on

this is the trailer


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.36.04 PM

I like this book because it is super funny! If you read this book, I hope you like it!

I hope you like all these books and comment if you have some books you want me to read.

Oh, and please check out Avik’s and my company, Smiling Designs. And read the posts, Smiling Designs Is Launched and 7 Books Every Creative Kid Should Own.

Thank You!

Avik’s Going Places Too

I am Manika’s little brother. I am 5.

I went to the Sea Life London Aquarium and I saw a big fish. My favorite was the stingray because it can sting anyone and any fish.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.31.29 AM

I had a lot of fun with my sister.

I like fish so much that I made a t-shirt about being a fish. Manika and I are starting a t-shirt company called Smiling Designs. This is my first design.

I'm a Fish Example with Logo

This is also my first guest post. I will start my own blog soon.

The Washington Zoo

On Tuesday we went to the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington D.C. I think this was my seventh zoo. The first animals we saw were ring-tailed lemurs. Ring-tailed lemurs live in Madagascar. The males have stink fights instead of fist fights. Smelly. We couldn’t get a pic of them because they were too fast.

It  was really cold outside so we went to the indoor Amazon Exhibit. There we saw  lots of animals that live in the amazon rainforest. There was the……..

 roseate spoonbill pink pelecan or pink falmingo
long-tailed fish
longfishand the golden poisonous frogfrog

The golden poison frog is endangered. It lives in Colombia.

We didn’t see very much else because it was super cold outside. I recommend this zoo but not on a chilly winter day.

The Singapore Science Center

me popping my head out of a pretend fruit bowl

On Friday, me, Avik and daddy went to the Singapore science center it was really cool! There was a dark shaped box that you put your head in. When your head pops out, it looks like its in a pretend fruit bowl.

At 3:00, we saw a fire tornado show.

Near the end, we got to touch the glass.

me touching the glass that the fire is in
me touching the glass that the fire is in


When it was time to go home, we stoped and took a 3D picture of us going into a mouth.

me going into a mouth!
me going into a mouth!

Before we left, my dad promised us pokys and ice cream so we ate that as well. If you come to Singapore, make sure you check out the science museum!

Cable Cars In Barcelona

On Thursday we went to ride in the cable cars. It was fun! I took a picture of a bird’s eye view of Barcelona.IMG_4572

I also took a picture of our cable car before we got in it.

cable car
Cable car

We could get off at certain stations and get back on. So we got off at the castle, which was really a fort. There were cannons all around the castle. The cannons were pointing to the sea to protect against potential invaders.

me avik daddy on cannon
Me, Avik and Daddy next to a cannon

After we got back on the cable car, we went to the Miró museum.

Miró was a famous Spanish Surreal artist.

Miró's welcome statue
Miró’s welcome statue

I can’t wait to see more surprises in Barcelona.